Black and White

It's funny how most people (unintendedly?) wear some sort of uniform. The sort of thing you wear like five days a week -  I realized mine would lately be a pair of skinnies with chuck taylors and a good loose silky shirt. Comfortable but dressed (well.. just enough). I always top it off with a  big scarf (even in summer..) What's yours?


InBlckandWht also works on commission. There's lots of possibilities like portraits - paintings - or items for websites.

If you're interested, please contact joellerothuizen@gmail.com


All Stars

I Love all kinds of shoes but none 'll ever beat my Chuck Taylors. I bought my first white high tops at sixteen and haven't stopped wearing them since. Whenever I'm wearing something else I actually miss 'em a bit (and sometimes even bring them with me just in case... ! I know.. it's bad). I get a new pair each spring (after having worn my oldies through cold and snow!) but always in black or white. This year, for the first time, I bought a low top pair and I like them especially with grey worn jeans. But I have to admit, I don't like new ones so whenever I take them out of their box I'll take them on a 'wrecking round'... (a little scratching, a little dirt...)... Am I alone in this?


je ne se quoi

Last friday, while I was having a latte with a friend, this lovely german girl sat at the table next to us. She had managed a perfect french feel with a fun pair of round Ray-Bans, a Breton stripe and out of bed hair.

chanel on jeans

copyright: Joëlle Rothuizen


Tree of Freedom

copyright Joëlle Rothuizen


copyright Joëlle Rothuizen

Welcome to my new blog. I'm a 25 year old illustrator, painter and stylist from the Netherlands and hope to share some of my work and projects with you here. I hope you'll enjoy it! Love, Joëlle